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collective figments of fancy

or completely real, depends on your take

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Name:the duchy
Birthdate:Jan 1
The collective interior reality of a fetching ginger. It's either vastly interesting, or utterly dull, but either way, consider yourself duly warned.

-the Management

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abolition, academics, angels, animagi, anonymous trolling, ballet, boromir's pancakes, call of duty, cars, cats, christianity, cigars, clarinet, classical music, cooking, demonology, dol amroth, driving, ducks, excessively long interest lists, explosives, faeries, food, forensic science, gatorade, gingers, glam rock, gondor, good china, guns, hats, headmates, hilarious religious texts, hobbit cooking, hunting evil sobs, idf, interior realities, interior worlds, internet bitchery, ireland, israel, japanese food, john calvin, judaism, katherine's pear cider, knights, knitted objects, kugel, linguistics, lj secrets, london, love across universes, magic, making fun of imperialism, marksmanship, medicine, minas tirith, mocking meridith's accent, mullet rock, multiplicity, mushrooms, music, napoleonic wars, not dying of scurvy, obscure academic journals, paganini, peacocks, pelargir, piano, pie, pipeweed, poetry, psychiatry, ragging on john watson, reading, research, roses, rum rations, russian, russian techno, seamanship, snark, sociology, spamming the internet, stripey jumpers, sue perkins, sugar, supersizers, swing music, tactics, talking to skulls, tallships, tea, the british army, the royal navy, the shire, the soviet union, time travel, tumblr, turning into one's relations, violin, wales, wandering, writing
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